A Word from Jean Ann

I experienced a pivotal moment in life several years ago. No, it was not while in deep meditation or while becoming one with nature. It was actually while sitting in traffic on a cold winter morning. I saw a man take a sip from his coffee cup and his response showed that it was still much too hot to drink. His solution to this everyday problem was to roll down his window allowing nature to cool his coffee. I found myself laughing out loud.

That evening as I completed my grateful journal I jotted down that I was grateful to witness this man’s simple act. As I reflected on what I was grateful for seeing that day, my mind drifted to a family member that to my knowledge had not left her home for over 10 years. I was saddened when I thought that she misses out on these daily interactions and moments of joy. I could not help but think that her joy bank was probably depleted.

I realized at that moment that I was passionate about helping others make deposits in their own joy bank. It is in the simple, tiny moments that we choose to find joy or not. I would like to help you have this experience of the deepest joy yourself.

Much love and peace,

Jean Ann Stuart
Certified Holistic Coach



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