About Jean Ann

Jean Ann is a Certified Holistic Coach and Global Career Development Facilitator. Jean Ann graduated with a degree in Psychology and minored in Sociology and Theology. She has extensive experience in crisis counseling for those that have suffered domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. Most recently Jean Ann has been serving as a career development facilitator to those that face various barriers to finding employment.

While completing her Master’s work Jean Ann discovered that she was feeling unsatisfied with counseling. She realized that she would much rather focus on the future and where her client’s were going than focus on the past and what happened to them years ago. That is why Jean Ann is so passionate about coaching, it allows us to focus on the here and now creating a framework for a joyful future.

Jean Ann’s true passion lies in empowering others to reach their fullest potential in the purest way possible, embracing the life they have, and making the best of each day moving forward finding their own joy.

Jean Ann feels that her journey to becoming a life coach began as a child. She remembers seeing people in pain or simply unsettled with who they are, and wanting to be able to help. She learned very early in life that a person’s reaction to a situation can change their entire life. Jean Ann knows that her life’s mission is to empower others to make decisions and reactions that lead them to feeling joy and fulfillment.

Jean Ann is certified as a Holistic Coach by Radiant Health Institute


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