Client Testimonials

"Jean Ann is very professional and asked questions that led me to really think about life issues.  Very thought-provoking!"


"As interesting as it was to sit and talk to a 'friend', Jean Ann was professional and made it very comfortable to open up and discuss our life issues.  It was a great experience!"


"My coaching session with Jean Ann was truly beautiful!  I immediately felt better and more empowered to take the next steps on my journey.  We focused on little ways to increase JOY in my day.  What a huge difference that makes!  I felt Jean Ann was fully present and engaged, she was able to succinctly mirror back what I was saying and ask powerful questions.  Very uplifting.  She is gentle and encouraging, I will be recommending her to everyone!"


"My one-hour session with Jean Ann was very helpful."


"My one-hour group coaching session with Jean Ann was very enlightening and helpful.  She made all of us feel comfortable to express our thoughts and feelings. She made sure no one talked too long and kept on time.  I requested a private session.  She is gifted, this must be a calling."


"Jean Ann used a circle divided in pie shapes forming a graph of where I am in areas of life.  It was very awakening experience."


"Being coached by Jean Ann was enlightening. Being a coach myself, I learned from her. She is a great listener and picks up on things that seem unimportant but lead to the net question on the path to my own understanding. Anyone who wishes to be understood and walked deeper in their own soul, lovingly and without judgment, would be wise to be coached by Jean Ann."


"We got right to the point and right to the root of the problem. She gave me some very good ideas as to what I could try to get past my problems and I look forward to meeting with her again. She was very professional and respectful."                                                                    


"Jean Ann was wonderful. She asked me some very thought-provoking questions and allowed me to reach a breakthrough in something I have been struggling with for months."


"To be honest, I can't stop thinking about what we talked about. Jean Ann was able to bring out the real root of what was going on with ME! She was able to share with me some tools that I am excited about using - tools that I feel are going to empower my mind and overall well-being. She has the ability to really listen and pinpoint the things that are really important, in a very calming and insightful way. The hour flew by...I could have kept talking to her easily for another hour!"


"My coaching session was very beneficial to me.  I left feeling better, more focused, with fresh ideas of new things to explore and consider. She asked the tough questions - made me think about things reasonably and factually rather than emotionally."


"I wasn't sure what to expect from a life coach since I've never had one.  I felt very energized after my first one-hour session with her.  The second session brought more focus to what we had discussed during that first hour, and I am certain that her encouragement will help me accomplish my goals for my life quicker than trying to do this alone!"


"Jean Ann's expertise helped me regroup and make plans for my future. She was professional and I enjoyed our time."


"Jean Ann created a comfortable environment to approach protected areas of my life. Through patience and an expectation of yield, she guided our conversation. She deftly organized thoughts, feelings, fear and realities so as to create an opening for solutions. She helped me to shore up weak spots in my self-perception so that the slow leak of energy and contentment could be recognized and addressed. Without judgment, but with discernment, she navigated questions so that clearer direction could be established. She made no directive, but rather, sharpened my view of choices before me. I left feeling empowered, not to change others or my circumstances, but my internal compass."


"Jean Ann did an excellent job of easing my anxiety and giving me encouragement. I'm trying to find a new job after retirement. She gave me an interesting assessment."


"Jean Ann was very helpful regarding the changes in my life relating to my job change and preparation for retirement.  At the end of each session I walked away with a game plan.  The amazing thing is how she allowed me to see that I knew what to do.  She said very little but somehow I opened up and finally allowed myself to move forward."



"Jean Ann is amazing!  After only two sessions, I was able to see my problems in a completely new light.  We identified main problems and how to work through them.  Jean Ann  had to keep putting me back on track because it is hard to have someone you just met see your worst feelings.  She made so much sense.  I cannot sing her praises enough."



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